Present Tense

01 Learning How To Lose (Gregson)
02 Great Big City (Gregson)
03 It Doesn’t Mean A Thing (Gregson)
04 Rocking Horse (Gregson)
05 I Just Don’t Get It (Gregson)
06 She’s Not Like All The Other Girls (Gregson)
07 God’s Little Joke (Gregson)
08 Glen Campbell (Gregson)
09 Anybody Else (Gregson)
10 Missed That Train (Gregson)
11 Roll Round Here (Gregson)
12 A Lot Like You (Gregson)
13 Lighthouse (Gregson)
14 No Smoke Without Fire (Gregson)
15 I Love The Way (Gregson)
16 Shake A Leg (Gregson)
17 Annalee (Gregson)
18 Valentine (Gregson)

Produced by Clive Gregson

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