The Complete Stiff Recordings 1980-81


01 Second Choice (Gregson)
02 Playing Bogart (Nick Simpson)
03 Foolish Pride (Gregson)
04 Nice Girls (Gregson)
05 Turning Up the Heat (Gregson)
06 Romance (Gregson)
07 The Hurt (Gregson)
08 Girls Are Always Right (Gregson)
09 Honolulu (Gregson)
10 (Get You Off) The Hook (Gregson)
11 Yesterday’s Love (Gregson)
12 Nice Girls (B-Side) (Gregson)
13 No Idea (Gregson)
14 Growing Up (Bruce Sprinsgteen)
15 Turning Up the Heat (Alt version) (Gregson)
16 The Hurt (Demo) (Gregson)


01 Trouble with Love (Gregson)
02 Open Fire (Gregson)
03 As Lovers Do (Gregson)
04 Walking in Chains (Gregson)
05 Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)
06 Another Heartache (Gregson)
07 To Be a King (Gregson)
08 Power Cut (Gregson)
09 Eastern Promise (Gregson)
10 The Sun Never Sets (Gregson)
11 She’ll Belong to Me (B-Side) (Gregson)
12 Wheels in Motion (Nick Simpson)
13 Snapshot (Gregson)
14 Follow That Car (Gregson)


01 The Hurt (Gregson)
02 Bible Belt (Gregson)
03 Second Choice (Gregson)
04 Foolish Pride (Gregson)
05 Nice Girls (Gregson)
06 Yesterday’s Love (Gregson)
07 (Get You Off) the Hook (Gregson)
08 The Name of the Game (Andersson/Ulvaeus/Anderson)
09 Girls Are Always Right (Gregson)
10 Follow That Car (Gregson)
11 Growing Up (Bruce Springsteen)
12 Turning Up the Heat (Gregson)
13 Working on the Night Shift (Gregson)

Disc One produced by John Wood except 11, 12, 16 produced
by Any Trouble, 13, 14 produced by Bob Sergeant

Disc Two produced by Mike Howlett except 12, 13, 14 produced
by Martin Levan

Disc Three produced by Bazza

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